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Dealing with debt collectors

You or a loved one may have had a recent experience with a debt collector.

Debt collection is legal. However, the debt collector must not harass or bully you.

Debt collectors are restricted in the times they can contact you by phone:

  • Monday -Friday-7.30am to 9pm
  • Weekends-9am-9pm
  • Not more than three times a week or up to ten times a month
  • Not on public holidays

Face to face contact is a last option if you have not responded to phone calls. They may contact you face to face any day between 9am and 9pm.

Debt collectors must not:

  • Discuss your debt with someone else without your permission
  • Take advantage of you because of illness, disability, age or lack of education
  • mislead you
  • harass you or contact you more than is needed
  • use abusive language
  • trespass on your property

If you feel threatened or harassed by a debt collector, you should write them a formal letter asking them to stop.

If the behaviour does not stop, contact the Australian Financial Complaints Authority.

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