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How to write a persuasive letter

Do you have an issue with a bank or an insurance company or possibly a government agency? Do you want to persuade them to do something? Here are a few tips for writing a persuasive letter:
1. Brainstorm your ideas: what is your purpose? Who is your audience? What are you seeking? What do you want your audience to do? What are the reasons you want your audience to do this?
Make a list of the most important reasons down to the least important reasons ie prioritise
2. Work out exactly what you need. What are you trying to accomplish? Are there any solutions you can offer?
3. Know your reader: does the reader agree with you or disagree with you? Is the reader in a senior functionary position? Does the reader have the power to help you?
Try to find out the reader’s views on the topic. Will the reader have a lot of time to read your letter? Will the reader have the funds to fix your problem?
4. Research the topic: You need factual evidence and information to persuade. Make sure you consider multiple points of view. Use facts, logic and statistics to support your claim. Always be respectful of the other side.

Lastly, make sure your letter is formatted properly and looks professional. Ensure that there are no spelling errors or grammatical errors.

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