Tips for coping with anxiety before an interview

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February 17, 2021
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Tips for coping with anxiety before an interview

It is normal to feel anxious before an interview. Maybe you get a dry mouth or you may be short of breath. You may even have trembling hands. 

So, how do you overcome your anxiety? Here are a couple of tips: 

  • Be prepared: Do your research about the job before the interview. Read the company’s website. If possible, find out some background information about the interviewer. Mention something you have read in the media about the company for example. 
  • Avoid last minute panicMake sure you have extra copies of your cv; decide which clothes you will wear the night before and work out the route you will take to get to the interview. 
  • Don’t say you are nervousThis will make you seem less confident. 
  • Practise relaxationTry to run or walk before the interview. Try meditation and breathing exercises. 

Finally, congratulate yourself on getting an interview. The employer chose your cv and application letter. They thought you were worth interviewing. Even if you do not get the job, you can feel proud of yourself for getting to this point. 

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